Pokemon Legends: Arceus player discovers Chanseys are always there when you need them

A Pokemon Legends: Arceus player has noticed that Chanseys have a cute habit of checking on players when they’re injured. 

As demonstrated in a video shared to the Pokemon subreddit (opens in new tab), Chansey is quick to check on players when they’re hurt whilst exploring the Hisui region. In the video, the player is dropped from a great height by a Braviary and once they hit the ground, not one but three Chanseys suddenly become alert to the player – with one waddling over to check on them.

pla_attention_to_detail_wild_chansey_coming_over from r/pokemon

It makes perfect sense as to why Chansey, of all Pokemon, is this in tune with the player’s health. The pink, round Pokemon is not only naturally kindhearted but can also usually be found in the Pokemon Center helping Nurse Joy to revive exhausted Pokemon. According to the comments of the Reddit post, it looks as though Chansey isn’t the only Pokemon to do this sort of thing with the player. Many players have also said that Machoke (opens in new tab), of all Pokemon, does it too. 

Despite Pokemon Legends: Arceus releasing almost three weeks ago, there are still plenty of hidden features being discovered regularly. Some recent discoveries we’ve seen include the player who noticed that Game Freak may have recreated a Chinese myth using Magikarp and Gyarados and another who realized there’s a pattern to Pokemon Legends: Arceus space-time distortions.

In other Pokemon news, a dataminer recently found out that Pokemon Legends: Arceus is hiding a secret modern-day room that was cut from the game. There’s been no official confirmation as to where this room came from/why it was put in the game in the first place however some fans are theorising that it was either taken out of the final game or perhaps put in there for future Pokemon Legends: Arceus DLC reasons. 

Had enough of the Hisui region? Take a look at our list of games like Pokemon for ideas on what to play next. 

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