Pokemon Legends: Arceus reveals a new “Noble” Pokemon that looks like a Dark Souls boss

A new Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer offers a closer look at the Hisui region and reveals a new “noble” Pokemon.

The new trailer, released earlier today, reveals more information about the Hisui region and the people and Pokemon that inhabit it in Pokemon Legends: Areceus. There’s a closer look at the rideable Pokemon, including seagoing Basculegion and Hisuian Braviary, as well as a roundup of the Wardens who you’ll meet on your travels around the region.

We also get our closest look yet at Jubilife city and the vast array of cosmetic options on offer. The trailer also reveals a local photographer, who’ll let you have a full-on photoshoot with your favourite Pokemon.

Finally, the trailer seems to introduce new ‘Noble’ Pokemon. It’s not exactly clear what these are, but the video introduces one of them as the game’s fourth brand-new Pokemon. Kleavor, the Axe Pokemon (and a regional evolution of Scyther), is a Bug/Rock type who appears in their own special arena, with a dedicated health bar and a scary yellow glow.

The fight against Kleavor seems to take place in two stages; one where your character is attempting to dodge the mon’s whirling axe attacks (via an extremely Soulslike dodge-roll mechanic), and another where your own Pokemon will be involved in the fight. The towering creature looks pretty scary, but the fight seems to be slightly different to the red-eyed versions of past monsters that we’ve seen in previous trailers.

It’s a few months from release, but Pokemon Legends: Arceus is looking like it’ll make it onto our list of the best Pokemon games.

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