Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release date set for November

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release date has been revealed in a new trailer, so you’ll want to keep November 12, 2022, free in your diaries. 

Game Freak and The Pokemon Company have announced the big date in a swanky new trailer, which gives us a good peep at Scarlet and Violet legendaries Koraidon and Miraidon, regional professors Sada and Turo, and your friendly rival for the grand new adventure. 

We’ve also seen a smattering of new Pokemon to tide us over until the release date, with the star of the show undoubtedly being a wee piglet called Lechonk. Described as “timid and fainthearted – but also strong”, we love him very much. You’ve also got a grass-based pocket pal called Smoliv and a fluff ball in Pawmi. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were initially revealed earlier this year, and the fan theories haven’t been in short supply since. We already know that the Pokemon games will be more open world, just like Pokemon: Arceus, though fans reckon that we’re heading to sunny Spain for the new Pokemon game. Not only due to the sunny location we see, but the subtle references in some of the starter’s names alongside a potential reference to a classic Spanish novel called Don Quijote de la Mancha.

You certainly get more sunny vistas in the new trailer, though we’re also heading to some icier climates to mix things up a tad. We also see a good bit of trainer interaction, which could be another tease for Scarlet and Violet’s more open-world stylings.

Either way, Nintendo has described Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as a “new evolutionary step” in the series, and we can certainly see why. 

Here are all the Pokemon from the initial Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer that we’ve spotted, including the starters

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