PS5 jailbreak a reality after hacking group uncovers root keys

A PS5 jailbreak might be on the way as a group of hackers claim to have decrypted the PS5, allowing for significant future changes to the console.

FailOverflow, a hacking group that also found its way into the PS3 several years ago, recently tweeted what they claim are PS5 ‘Root Keys’ – tools hackers can use to decrypt files. With the root keys available, users could attempt to reverse-engineer the console’s software, making exploits accessible and allowing unsigned (and unauthorized) code to run on the system.

Translation: We got all (symmetric) ps5 root keys. They can all be obtained from software – including per-console root key, if you look hard enough! 8, 2021

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A second incident over the weekend saw another Sony hacker, Andy Nguyen (opens in new tab), suggest that he had managed to access the debug settings – normally only available to developers – on a retail PS5. Nguyen said he had “no plans” to distribute his method, however.

FailOverflow hasn’t explained its working either, but the group does say that it won’t be easy for Sony to close the potential vulnerability – in a response to a query on Twitter (opens in new tab) asking whether the root keys could be ‘rotated’ easily, the group simply replied ‘No’.

These steps are significant, but they don’t mean that the PS5 has been entirely broken open. It’s possible that Sony will take some action to fix the leaks. If that’s not the case, however, these hacks could eventually result in the console being fully ‘jailbroken’, which could have significant consequences down the line. When the PS3 was jailbroken, users were able to copy games from their discs to the console’s hard drive, downgrade their system software, and run emulated software, although the practice is unauthorized. 

Your hardware probably won’t change any time soon, so here are some upcoming PS5 games to check out instead.

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