How to find your screenshots and video clips on PS5

To find your PS5 screenshots and video clips, you need to check out the PlayStation 5 Media Gallery, where all these special documented moments are kept. Whether it was a great story moment, earning a trophy, or a fantastic gameplay feat you want to immortalise and share with the world, that’s where all those good moments are kept. 

It’s not easily found though, with the PS5 Media Gallery being quite well hidden within the menus, so check out our guide below and we’ll explain exactly how you can navigate to it.

How to access your PS5 Media Gallery

PS5 Media Gallery

(Image credit: Sony)

The first way to access your PS5 Media Gallery is to tap the Create Button, which will display the create controls under the standard button set up. Scroll left to the image of your latest capture, then press X to browse your recent screenshots and videos. This will also bring up the option to Go to Media Gallery, so select that to go to your full PS5 Media Gallery area.

PS5 Media Gallery

(Image credit: Sony)

The other way to access your PS5 Media Gallery is to go to the Home screen, then scroll all the way to the right of your recent games to select the Game Library icon. Next, press R1 to move to the Installed tab, then scroll to the end of the Console storage section at the top where you’ll see the icon for Media Gallery. Select this, then follow the Open prompt on the next screen to access the full PS5 Media Gallery area. Using this route has the added bonus of adding the Media Gallery icon to your recently used games banner on the Home screen, so you can get there more quickly in future.

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