PS5 restock scheduled for Cyber Monday at Walmart

Walmart Plus

Cyber Monday’s PS5 restock is exclusive to Walmart Plus (opens in new tab) members. You can sign up for just under $13 a month, but there is a is also a 15-day free trial (opens in new tab) available to test the service out first Note: trial users won’t be able to gain access to Monday’s PS5 restock.

Walmart has announced it will be offering another PS5 restock on Cyber Monday. The retailer recently added details of the next (opens in new tab) stock drop to its PS5 product page, with new consoles hitting the shelves in just a couple of days – but there’s a caveat. 

You’ll need to be a Walmart Plus member to get within an inch of this PS5 restock, a move that we’ve seen a few times from the retailer over the last few weeks. Walmart Plus members can get access to this drop from 12pm ET on Monday, November 29, with the retailer launching the latest stock drop alongside its Cyber Monday PS5 deals (opens in new tab).

Unfortunately, while there is a 15 day free trial in place, you’ll need to be a paying member of Walmart Plus to take advantage of this Cyber Monday PS5 restock. The service also gets you speedy delivery and a number of in-store perks at $12.95 a month (opens in new tab) and may well be worth it if it means getting another run at the latest generation console. 

Walmart isn’t the only retailer gearing up for a PS5 restock next week. Target (opens in new tab) has been at the center of the rumor mill all weekend, as tweets from insider Jake Randall (opens in new tab) suggest the retailer has more consoles in its warehouses right now than it has at any other point in the year. Target is no longer rolling out nationwide PS5 stock drops, though, so this will largely be a regional affair. 

Amazon (opens in new tab) and Sony Direct (opens in new tab) have both also offered PS5 restocks in the last week, so their stock levels are uncertain as we head into this year’s Cyber Monday gaming deals (opens in new tab).

Walmart Cyber Monday PS5 restock

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PS5 | $499.99 at Walmart (opens in new tab)
Live at 12pm ET for Walmart Plus members only
Walmart is offering a PS5 restock for it’s Plus members on Cyber Monday, but even if you’re a subscriber you’ll need to get in there quick. This is going to be a particularly speedy stock drop, especially seeing as Black Friday itself didn’t offer up any new units.

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PS5 restock history

Which PS5 should you buy?

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PS5 ($499.99) | Check at Amazon (opens in new tab)
The $499.99 PS5 is the ultimate console to aim for in PS5 restocks. You’re paying a little more upfront, but if you’ve got an extensive PS4 collection waiting for a new lease of life (or you’re keen to save with cheaper physical games), that extra $100 is well worth it.

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PS5 Digital Edition ($399.99) | Check at Amazon (opens in new tab)
We’re not expecting a PS5 Digital Edition restock at Walmart on Cyber Monday, but if you’re keen to spend as little as possible on your new generation console it’s worth keeping an eye out for this $399.99 model. You’re getting the same power under the hood but you will be tied into Sony’s digital game prices, which can be a little higher.

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How to make the most of Cyber Monday’s Walmart PS5 restock

We’ve been covering PS5 restocks since the console’s launch, and have gathered a few tricks to securing stock along the way. You’ll find all our top tips for making the most of this Cyber Monday drop just below.

1. Sign in and save your payment details
Seconds can make all the difference when the heat is on, with shoppers often seeing their hard-won consoles flying out of their carts right at the last second. PS5 restocks move quickly, so be sure to spend as little time as possible between adding to cart and checking out. 

We’d recommend signing into your Walmart account well ahead of time (and staying signed in), saving your payment and shipping information while doing so. That should mean you’re just a few clicks away from nabbing yourself a console when stock does land. 

2. Keep refreshing
Cyber Monday’s PS5 restock is likely to draw a strong crowd – that means Walmart’s site is going to be under some intense pressure (alongside all the other Cyber Monday sales). We often see sites crashing when the masses descend, so keep refreshing and open a few tabs all working towards the same goal. 

If you spot an out of stock notice as soon as you land on the page, try again – we often see retailers launching restocks in waves so you’ll need to keep forcing through until you see availability.

3. Don’t give up
If you’re unsuccessful in this Monday’s restock, don’t give up. We’re seeing more and more opportunities to get your hands on the elusive PS5 every week, so there’s no need to pay over the MSRP at resellers.

Check for a PS5 restock today

We’ll be rounding up all the latest Cyber Monday PS5 SSD deals (opens in new tab) and Cyber Monday PS5 TV deals (opens in new tab) all weekend, but you can also check out all the latest Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals (opens in new tab) for more offers as well. 

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