Psychonauts 2 update patch makes it easier for people to 100% the game

Psychonauts 2 developer Double Fine has released a “quality of life” patch which makes it easier to 100% the game. 

In a video detailing the new post-game features coming to Psychonauts 2, lead designer Seth Marinello talks through the improvements made to the game and what they mean for players. 

As Marinello explains “[Double Fine] never intended for it to be a slog trying to get 100% for those who really want to do it. We really wanted to make the process of getting the collectibles be one of fun and discovery and not a painful grind.”

It’s patch time for Psychonauts 2! There’s new tools for finding collectables and combat arenas for snagging spare achievements and showing off your Limitless powers!Our lead designer Seth outlines all of the cool the new features in this video. 2, 2021

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First up for the new features, is the new Otto-Spot filter which can be unlocked after the main story and bought from the Otto-Matic for 75 Psitanium. This filter works in conjunction with the Otto-Shot camera – which Otto gives Raz during the main story – and works as a collectible detector, highlighting exactly where any collectibles are within Raz’s vicinity. 

The other new quality of life improvement made in Psychonauts 2 is an update to the The PSI-Popper Generator, a.k.a. the slimy trumpet worm. Now, when players use the PSI-Popper to get around a world they will see tick marks next to the locations which have had all their collectibles found, which should save you hours of running around searching for that last missing figment. 

Finally, a new Psychoseismometer has been added to Gisu’s quest which can be completed during the main game or after the credits have rolled. This new gizmo is located in Otto’s lab and features combat opportunities with enemies that are associated with unlocking achievements – perfect for those who want to level up to Rank 102. 

Psychonauts 2 currently has a number of Golden Joystick Awards 2021 nominations under its belt including Best Storytelling, Best Visual Design, Xbox Game of the Year, Ultimate Game of the Year, and a Best Performer nomination for Elijah Wood as Nick/Gristol, and Studio of the Year nod for the game’s developer Double Fine. 

If you enjoyed Double Fine’s long-awaited psychedelic adventure game, be sure to vote for Psychonauts 2 in the Golden Joystick Awards

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