Red Dead Redemption remaster reportedly in development

A Red Dead Redemption remaster is reportedly in the works for PC and consoles.

The new claim comes from Rockstar Magazine, as first spotted by Reddit (opens in new tab), an outlet with a track record of reporting Rockstar-related information in the past. Now, Rockstar Magazine is claiming knowledge of a remaster of Red Dead Redemption, over a decade after it originally launched in 2010.

You can watch the video below, where the claims are made, but, it’s in French, so you may want to grab your old GCSE French to English dictionary to help translate. 

Platforms aren’t specified by the outlet, but Rockstar Magazine specifies not to expect a complete remake of Red Dead Redemption for this new remaster, but rather a visual overhaul and upgrade as with Rockstar’s forthcoming GTA remastered trilogy.

Elsewhere in the same report, Rockstar Magazine claims things aren’t looking so good for the oft-rumored GTA 6. The outlet claims that, after studio co-founder Dan Houser’s departure back in early 2020, the game has effectively had to restart development, and is currently in a messy state. GTA 6 is a rumor that’s been long-gestating for the video game industry at large, with numerous reports claiming various details about the unannounced game over the last two years.

As for the GTA remastered trilogy though, there’s merely a few days to go until Rockstar’s past entries are overhauled for a new generation. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition launches digitally across PC and consoles on November 11, before a physical version of the trilogy launches next month on December 6.

Check out our extensive GTA 3 interview with Rockstar North’s current head for a complete reflection on the modern classic.

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