Remnant 2 just got a huge patch: unlimited respec, more scrap, higher trait cap, class buffs, and nerfs to my beloved Nightfall

Surprise summer hit Remnant 2 is just a few days old the and already dropping enormous balance patches, as is RPG shooter tradition. Today’s update is a huge quality-of-life overhaul paired with solid balance changes, and it’s a lot of good news for hardcore players. 

The patch notes are a play-by-play of many pain points the community’s raised since launch. Highlights include:

  • Trait cap increased by five
  • Tomes of Knowledge grant scrap and XP once you’re at the trait cap
  • The Orb of Undoing now has unlimited uses, so you don’t have to buy one every time you want to respec (any extras can be sold for scrap)
  • Breakables, chests, and Aberrations now grant additional scrap 
  • Bloodroot healing consumables are cheaper 

My Remnant 2 co-op buddy and I have both lamented how easy it is to burn through your scrap, so this is good news for us spendthrifts. The initial trait cap also seemed a little low, so it’s nice to see developer Gunfire Games bend on this a bit

The patch notes deliver buffs for multiple classes, including Explorer, Archon (more of a bug fix, really, as it was unintentionally doing absurd damage), Challenger, and Summoner. But the most important line in this section is this: “Increased the Base Max Health of Handler’s Very Good Boy Companion.” Now that’s a good update. 

Two weapons have been retouched as well, including my beloved Nightfall. To the surprise of no one, the famously overpowered long gun has been nerfed, specifically in its fire rate. Enigma has also been toned down a bit, as it was apparently “performing too far above our goal for AoE clear.” 

Oh, and here’s some good news for the many folks who are tired of getting one-tapped by the boss that drops Nightfall: the damage on Nightweaver’s grab attacks has been reduced. Not only that, incoming multiplayer damage has been reduced from 25% to 15% per additional player, seemingly tackling complaints about three-player scaling leading to excessive one-shots of its own. 

The patch is rounded out by a laundry list of miscellaneous bug fixes and other issues, and it’s promising stuff altogether. The only bad news is that while some bugged achievements have been fixed, they won’t be unlocked retroactively, though the devs are hoping to get that working eventually, so for now you’ll just have to get them again. 

Gunfire says “we aren’t done here by any means, and these are not the larger changes we’ve mentioned on Discord and Reddit, but in the short term, they should help to ease the burden of reconfiguring your build and experimenting with different options.”

Remnant 2 has already passed 1 million copies sold, and the devs have promised “free additions” to the game as well as paid DLC. 


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