Resident Evil 4 remake report says it will build on unused material from the original

The heavily rumored Resident Evil 4 remake will take a darker and more frightening approach with some material that never made it into the original game, according to a recent report.

While Capcom has never announced or otherwise acknowledged work on a Resident Evil 4 remake (aside from the VR-exclusive one that came out last year), a steady stream of high-profile leaks have nonetheless kept Resident Evil fans seemingly well-appraised of its progress. The latest such report comes from Fanbyte (opens in new tab), and it alleges that Capcom currently plans to reveal the remake early this year.

According to Fanbyte’s report, Capcom is opting to make some substantial changes to Resident Evil 4 in the course of the remake: these include integrating some of the spookier and supernatural elements seen in pre-release materials for the original game. The report claims that significant portions of the original story, including Leon’s initial arrival in the Ganado village, will now be set at night in service of those creepier vibes.

The story revisions will apparently include bigger roles for several side characters, with Leon’s perennial rival and love interest Ada Wong playing a more active part in the story. The Assignment: Ada and Separate Ways stories from the original game and its re-releases are also set to be combined and built upon, with the end result either incorporated into the game or offered as a substantial expansion.

Just like everything else we’ve heard about a potential Resident Evil 4 remake, none of these details are confirmed yet. Hopefully Capcom really does unveil the project in early 2022 and we can finally find out more.

Original director Shinji Mikami will probably be pleased to hear about those story rewrites, since he wrote Resident Evil 4’s original story in three weeks. 

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