Resident Evil Village is our most-completed game of the year

More of us completed Resident Evil Village than any other game this year.

That’s according to the community at (opens in new tab) (thanks, Axios (opens in new tab)), a fabulous website that tracks how long it takes the average gamer to complete a game, be that the main story campaign, the main missions and side quests, or complete the game entirely. 

So while not scientifically accurate, of course, the survey gives a flavor of what games we all were super keen to get to the end of this year – and according to that site’s users, the most-completed game of 2021 is Ethan Winters’ visit to Resident Evil Village (opens in new tab).

Metroid Dread is the runner-up to the title, while the other games keeping us glued to the end of this year are Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, It Takes Two, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, 12 Minutes, Psychonauts 2, Nier Replicant ver.122474487139…, The Medium, and, Little Nightmares 2 respectively.

The same stats page also reveals the most-completed game of all time, by the way, and that’s Portal, followed closely by its excellent sequel, Portal 2.

We also get a peek at the most “retired” games of 2021 – a polite way of referring to the games we gave up on most quickly. Again, according to HowLongToBeat, Valheim tops the chart followed by 12 Minutes, and Loop Hero.

It’s probably not a surprise to our readers, however, as the charms of Lady Dimitrescu secured Resident Evil Village the top prize as PlayStation Game of the Year (opens in new tab) at the Golden Joystick Awards (opens in new tab)

The Capcom horror fought off stiff competition from Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Deathloop, and even Hideo Kojima himself to take home the PlayStation trophy. 

And in case you were wondering, no, Capcom hasn’t forgotten about its promised DLC. Back in October, Capcom published their annual report for 2021, which included a “Creative Report” section by executive corporate officer Yoichi Egawa. It revealed that Resident Evil Village will be supported in the future with “free additional DLC” (opens in new tab), but stopped short of confirming what form the DLC may take, or even when players might expect to be able to play it. All we can do is watch this space, eh?

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