Rockstar insider says this San Andreas: Definitive Edition easter egg is definitely from GTA 6

An imagine from Grand Theft Auto 6 has reportedly been verified.

Yesterday on April 6, the tweet just below from Matheusvictorbr, a self-proclaimed “passionate” Rockstar fan, surfaced online. The Twitter user claims they’ve been able to verify that the image seen below of a house is in fact from the forthcoming GTA 6, which Rockstar finally confirmed was in active development earlier this year in February. 

Após alguns meses. Fui confirmado que essa imagem é do Próximo Título da série Grand Theft Auto. A localização em Jogo, Possivelmente é inspirada Próximo ao subúrbio americano, Nas mediações de Hollywood – Florida.Perfeição! ❤️ 6, 2022

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However, this isn’t the first time the image of the house has surfaced. As reported last year in November 2021, eagle-eyed GTA San Andreas players noted that the remastered version of the classic Rockstar game featured the photo of the house, which was actually a brand new addition to the remaster.

At the time, GTA fans began speculating that this could be a tease of GTA 6, or the future of the GTA franchise at large. The palm trees in the front garden seemed to line up with a report that GTA 6 would be set in a modern day recreation of Vice City, and a report that Rockstar had already sent location scouts to Miami for the new game.

Then, a Twitter user apparently uncovered the source of the image as a real-life house in Palm Beach county, Florida. This, combined with all the reports of GTA 6’s new setting, made for a tonne of speculation on the part of GTA fans. Now though, with the claim that the image of the house is actually from Rockstar’s upcoming GTA game, that speculation should be about to begin all over again.

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