The best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 prices and deals in October 2021

Samsung’s latest smartwatch was released in late August, but we’ve seen plenty of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 deals since then. That original $249.99 / £249 MSRP (for the standard 40mm model, the Classic version jumps up to $349.99 / £369) has given way to some excellent record low prices in the latest few months, which means there’s plenty of room to find a satisfying discount on one of the best smartwatches on the market. 

Discounts on the 40mm version have been much more forthcoming than those on the 44mm model. We’ve been watching Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 deals trickle in since the middle of September, with prices dancing down to $245 before finally giving way to larger discounts down to $219 in October. Pricing on this model has been similar in the UK, though with a slower lead time into the major savings. 

However, in the US, the more expensive Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic model has been on sale pretty much constantly since the middle of September, usually sitting between $330 and $345, but recently dropping as low as $299. Over in the UK, discounts haven’t been as malleable, with the £369 RRP holding firm until very recently, when it gave way to a £313 sales price. 

Those Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 prices are starting to waver then, which means now is a fantastic time to be checking out some discounts. We’re rounding up all the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 deals from all your favorite retailers just below. 

The best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 deals

The cheapest 40mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has dropped down to $219 / £224 in the past, which represents the lowest price we’ve ever seen on the new release. These were some of the first major discounts to hit the watch, though, so you may well find even cheaper prices in the comparison chart below if you’re lucky. 

The best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic deals

If you prefer the tactile screen dial of previous Samsung smartwatches, you’ll be better off with the larger Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. The 46mm wristpiece comes at a slight premium, but we’ve still seen prices hit record lows of $299 / £313 since release.

What is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 price?

There are several different Watch 4 models on the market right now, which means finding the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 price isn’t quite as easy as it seems. You’ll be choosing between the two sizes (40mm and 44mm) of the standard model, and the Classic version – and then there’s 4G compatibility to factor in. You’ll find the full Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 price list just below. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 US UK 40mm – Bluetooth$219.99 £24940mm – 4G$299.99 £28944mm – Bluetooth$279.99£26944mm – 4G$329.99£309

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic US UK 42mm – Bluetooth$349.99£34942mm – 4G$399.99£38946mm – Bluetooth$379.99£36946mm – 4G$429.99£409

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