Save 23% on the latest HeroQuest and bask in nostalgia – its never been cheaper

The new and improved version of dungeon-delving board game HeroQuest has fallen to its lowest price. Sitting pretty at $104.12 at Amazon (opens in new tab) instead of $135, this revised classic has never been cheaper.

However, you might want to move quickly; the price of HeroQuest 2021 has been fluctuating a lot as part of recent board game deals, and it’s bounced from roughly $112 to almost $115 without much warning. As such, it’s probably a good idea to jump in sooner than later if you were tempted by the fantasy RPG – it might not stay at this price for long.

You’ll find this board game sale outlined below. If it doesn’t quite take your fancy, though, you can find more reductions further down the page.

Today’s best HeroQuest deals

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HeroQuest | $134.99 $104.12 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save 23% – As fully reworked version of the dungeon-delving classic, HeroQuest 2021 brings the system into the modern day with new miniatures, improved terrain, and tweaked rules. Because it does this without altering the original game’s core mechanics, this version is crammed with nostalgia for those that grew up with the first HeroQuest.

UK price: £99.99 £87.99 at Zatu Games (opens in new tab)

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As an updated version of a classic (and one some would argue is amongst the best board games), such a significant discount is worth taking note of. This 2021 rework of the original HeroQuest keeps its mechanics largely intact while updating the game’s miniatures and terrain for the modern era, giving players a more detailed experience that makes it even more atmospheric. 

Much like the best tabletop RPGs or Dungeons and Dragons books, it also comes with what is essentially a Dungeon Master screen behind which one player controls the game’s monsters and traps. That’s what really sets this game apart from its competitors; one of you is in charge of the enemy. Cue steepled hands and cackling laughter…

More of today’s board game deals

If the HeroQuest offer doesn’t tempt you, you’ll find plenty more board game deals below. We’re rounding up all the lowest prices on some popular picks right here. 

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