Scalebound creators want to get into “serious talks” with Microsoft about a revival

Atsushi Inaba and Hideki Kamiya, president and vice-president of PlatinumGames have said they want to talk to Phil Spencer about reviving cancelled project Scalebound.

In an interview with IGN Japan (opens in new tab), both Inaba and Kamiya expressed their desires to revive Scalebound, the action RPG the studio was working on for Microsoft. One of the first ideas Platinum had as a studio, in it you would play and fight as both a human and his dragon partner. Unfortunately, Microsoft announced the cancellation of the project in 2017, roughly four years into development. Kamiya, who was the director on the title, has previously blamed the cancellation of Scalebound on his team’s inexperience with online games.

Microsoft still owns all the rights to the original IP and as such PlatinumGames would not be allowed to continue development without its permission and collaboration. As translated by GamesRadar+, when asked how they feel about Scalebound in the wake of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, producer of the unreleased title, Inaba, said:

“Kamiya is always saying how much he wants to make Scalebound. He’s not just saying ‘If only I had the chance …’ like it’s some fantasy, Kamiya and I really want to make it. That’s why we want to get into serious talks with Microsoft.”

Kamiya backed up the words of Inaba even making an appeal directly to CEO of Microsoft gaming Phil Spencer in his native tongue:

“We did so much work on Scalebound and there is no point in Microsoft holding on to it. I want to do something.” Switching to English, he finished “Phil! Let’s do it together!”

The studio is currently working to develop Bayonetta 3, which Kamiya says will be enjoyable even if you haven’t played the originals, but says it’d be a shame if you aren’t prepared with the background knowledge. Inaba also opened up about Platinum’s future saying that “change is imperative” in order to move along with the industry.

If you want to find out more about PlatinumGames’ upcoming project Bayonetta 3 then here is everything we know so far.

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