Resident Evil 4 director hopes the remake will “make the story better”

The director of Resident Evil 4 seems to be in favor of a potential remake at Capcom, especially if it means Capcom can improve on the story he wrote.

Shinji Mikami previously led the Resident Evil franchise at Capcom and now heads up Ghostwire: Tokyo and The Evil Within studio Tango Gameworks. He gave some of his thoughts on the Resident Evil 4 remake allegedly in the works at Capcom in an interview with VG247 (opens in new tab).

Speaking of Ghostwire: Tokyo, Mikami was probably supposed to be talking about that game during the interview, so his Resident Evil 4 remake comments were understandably brief: “fans will most likely want it, and so that’s a good thing,” Mikami observed. He also specifically noted that it would be great if Capcom could “make the story better” for Resident Evil 4, because he only had three weeks to write the original version.

Honestly, we’re not sure how much more you need than “secret agent fights lots of mutants in Spain” to make Resident Evil 4 work, but revisiting old projects is always a good chance to fill in holes and smooth out rough patches. Maybe we’ll finally learn what that merchant guy’s deal is… or on second thought, maybe it’s better if he remains a jolly enigma.

While Capcom has never officially announced it’s working on a Resident Evil 4 remake, rumors have swirled around the project for years – including word of a delay following a major creative reboot last year.

It isn’t an official remake, but you can look forward to a massive (and impressive) fan-made Resident Evil 4 remaster mod coming this month. 

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