When is Sonic 2 on Paramount Plus? Here’s the new movies expected streaming release date

Good news: Sonic 2 is heading to Paramount Plus. If current trends hold up, the video game movie will be speeding onto the streaming service faster than you might have expected, too. Below, we’ll fill you in on the video game movie sequel’s lightning-fast turnaround into your homes.

When is Sonic 2 on Paramount Plus?

Sonic 2

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Sonic 2 is expected to release on Paramount Plus on May 24. That’s exactly 45 days after Sonic 2’s US cinema release date of April 8. Sonic has gotta go fast all the time, it seems.

That’s by no means set in stone, though Paramount Plus has stuck with its 45-day theatrical release window since its inception; Jackass Forever was available to stream on Paramount Plus immediately after the 45-day period had elapsed. A Quiet Place 2 was also available 45 days after its release in cinemas.

Will Sonic 2 be on any other streaming services?

Sonic 2

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Those in the UK (and other regions) may have to wait a little longer. If Paramount Plus isn’t out in your region by May 23, then Sonic the Hedgehog 2 will likely arrive alongside the streamer’s launch in your country. There’s probably very little chance that it could appear on somewhere like Netflix or Prime Video, though it’s not completely out of the question.

Sonic 2 runtime

Sonic 2

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So, you’re preparing to watch it at home at some point in the near-future. You’ll pleased to know the Sonic 2 runtime is pretty breezy, lasting 122 minutes (two hours and two minutes). By comparison, the original movie only ran for 99 minutes.

If you’ve already seen the movie and want to discover more about *that* finale and the scores of Sonic secrets found in its runtime, we’ve got some spoilery breakdowns for you. There’s our run-through of the Sonic 2 post-credits scenes, a post-mortem of the Sonic 2 ending, and a comprehensive look at 25 of the biggest Sonic 2 Easter eggs – including all the references to Sonic’s video game history.

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