Marvel launches new Spine-Tingling Spider-Man series with an unsettling theme song

Marvel is launching a new digital-exclusive Infinity Comics Spider-Man series on its Marvel Unlimited service, the eight-chapter Spine-Tingling Spider-Man. If that sounds like a title that the publisher is purposely launching on October 26, five days before Halloween, gold star for you. 

Spider-Man is used to fighting supervillains he can punch, but in Spine-Tingling Spider-Man a new villain gets into the Wall-Crawler’s head and “starts to squeeze” with Peter going “back and forth between dreams and reality.” According to Marvel, this squeezing and back and forth means Spidey gets hurt … “badly.” 

The series, which will update every other Tuesday is written by Saladin Ahmed (a part of the current rotation of writers on the Amazing Spider-Man ‘Beyond Board’ writers’ group) and illustrated by Juan Ferreyra, and like all Infinity Comics, the story is vertically-scrolling for mobile and tablet devices.

Marvel describes the series as “creepy” and that it’ll “steal your sleep,” and if evidenced by the official series theme song, the publisher kind of means business.

You can check the song out below, but be warned, you probably want to be in a well-lit room in the daytime, perhaps with some company by your side, and for gosh sakes, only hit play of you’re of clear mind and consciousness. 

That said, while Spider-Man is well-known as one of the world’s most famous superheroes and arguably the most popular among children (he’s the most popular Halloween costume this year), it’s sometimes easy to remember he’s inspired by one of the world’s most common fears – spiders. Marvel hasn’t regularly delved into the “creepy,” crawly aspect of the character, and it looks like Spine-Tingling Spider-Man may be of those rare instances. 

“I’ve been into spooky stuff almost as long as I’ve been into super heroes,” says Ahmed in the series announcement, “I’ve been looking to combine the two for a while, and I couldn’t ask for a more iconic character to do that with than Peter Parker.” 

Spine-Tingling Spider-Man

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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