Finished Squid Game? Netflix has some suggestions on what to watch next

You might have heard of a little-known series called Squid Game. If you’ve polished off all nine episodes of Netflix’s Korean mega-hit, the streamer has offered up some hidden gems for you to watch next.

Netflix has reeled off some choice cuts from Korea on social media. Everything from ‘Swoonworthy Romances’ (their words, not ours) to ‘Suspenseful Crime Dramas’ have been covered in a new, comprehensive Twitter thread.

Squid Game is just the latest in a long line of inventive, gripping, and totally addictive Korean shows on Netflix. Here are a few suggestions for which ones to watch next — and who knows… you might ​even see some familiar faces!October 12, 2021

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For the lovebirds among you, the streamer suggests Romance is a Bonus Book, Crash Landing on You, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, and The King’s Affection.  

Those with a sci-fi bent should head on over to Netflix and add the following to their watchlist: Kingdom, Sweet Home, Sisyphus, and Arthdal Chronicles. Or if you want to be handcuffed to a series for the foreseeable future, you could do a lot worse than crime dramas Vincenzo, Beyond Evil, Extracurricular, and Inspector Koo (which is coming to Netflix later this month).

That’s not all. Netflix has listed more in the Twitter thread if you want to go even further down the K-drama rabbit hole. With Parasite and Squid Game, Korean language projects have arguably never been so popular – and you could be just minutes away from finding your new favorite TV show. Exciting stuff.

Squid Game, meanwhile, has seemingly been beset by translation errors for some viewers. There’s an easy fix, however. Speaking of fixes – Netflix has edited out a few digits of the show’s infamous phone number after it was found to match a real-world number.

For even more from the streamer (you lucky, lucky things), check out our collection of best Netflix shows and best Netflix movies you should be watching. 

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