Star Wars Eclipse release date reportedly at least three years away

Star Wars Eclipse could be three to four years away at a minimum, it’s been claimed.

The new claim comes from reporter and leaker Tom Henderson, who took to Twitter late last week to share alleged inside information on the newly-unveiled Star Wars game. Chiefly, Henderson claims that Quantic Dream in Paris, where Star Wars Eclipse is being co-developed, is struggling to hire developers for the game, and the project is likely three to four years away. You can see his claims in the tweet thread below.

The biggest on the dev side is their internal QD engine, which wasn’t built for an open-world title. There are currently 60+ job openings for Quantic Dream Paris and 9 in Montreal. – 10, 2021

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Star Wars Eclipse was just announced last week at The Game Awards 2021 in L.A. Taking place in the High Republic era of the Star Wars universe, the new game led primarily by Quantic Dream is more of an action-packed adventure compared to their past narrative-driven games like Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human. That’s not to say there won’t be heavy narrative elements in Eclipse though, because Quantic Dream confirmed there’ll be choices throughout the new game that affect how the story unfolds.

When Star Wars Eclipse was originally unveiled, the debut trailer made it clear that the game was in the early stages of development. Given this, and the fact that Quantic Dream is straying into new territory with Eclipse (as Henderson points out), perhaps it’s not entirely surprising that we’ll be waiting another three years at the very least before we get to play Star Wars Eclipse for ourselves.

Check out our Star Wars timeline guide for a full look at where exactly Eclipse takes place in the expanded universe.

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