Star Wars: Eclipse is the new High Republic game from Quantic Dream

Star Wars: Eclipse, the rumored project from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream, has been officially revealed with a thrilling cinematic trailer.

Debuting during The Game Awards 2021, Star Wars: Eclipse is an “intricately branching action-adventure game” set during the High Republic era. Quantic Dream says it “can be experienced in many ways, and puts the destinies of multiple playable characters in your hands.” The game’s official website (opens in new tab) also confirms you’ll make choices that affect the outcome of the story, which is in line with what we’ve come to expect from the studio. After the cult classic Heavy Rain launched in 2010, Quantic Dream released Beyond: Two Souls in 2013 and Detroit: Become Human in 2018.

Quantic Dream is famous for its highly cinematic, narrative-driven adventure games whose stories depend on your choices and actions as the player. Early rumors suggest the studio’s take on Star Wars will have more action than its earlier games, which definitely makes sense. You can’t have a Star Wars game without a few lightsaber fights and space battles. That said, it’ll be interesting to see how Quantic Dream approaches a more action-oriented project, as the action we usually see in Quantic games is largely based around quick-time events, which really just boils down to, ‘how fast can you push this button we’re about to flash onto the screen?’

There’s no release date for Star Wars Eclipse yet, but Quantic Dream says it’s still in “early development,” so don’t expect it until 2022 at the very earliest.

In the meantime, here’s how classic Star Wars games shaped modern lightsaber combat.

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