The Star Wars community is debating the silliest criticisms of the saga

Star Wars is a mega-popular franchise, which, naturally, means it’s had its fair share of criticism over the years. While fans and critics alike have ripped into everything from major plot points to the dialogue, some of the complaints have been, well, a little silly. 

On Reddit, the Star Wars community has been sharing the wildest criticisms of the saga, and we have to admit, they’re pretty funny. 

“That characters don’t use the Force in the most fine, complicated, tactical way imaginable,” is one fan’s response. “Y’know what’s fun? Lightsaber fights. Y’know what’s not fun? Stirring up an air bubble to trigger an aneurysm in an enemy who doesn’t even know you’re there.” 

“The most ridiculous is the people who complain about the science fantasy elements – there’s sound in space, ships handle like WW2 fighter planes, weapons and battle tactics are absolutely idiotic…” says another person. “A true dead serious science fact movie about space combat would be boring as hell with two sides silently launching drones and missiles from hundreds of miles away.”

One Redditor has a simple fix to the whole ‘no sound in space’ thing: “My head canon is that it’s a movie meant to entertain people and sound is a part of that.”

“Lightsabers aren’t realistic as a light beam is longer than a metre,” says someone else, though there’s another easy explanation for that one, provided by another Redditor: “They are canonically plasma to be fair”

“Honestly, the most ridiculous criticism I’ve heard was actually today. A friend of mine said it was ‘unrealistic’ that there can be so many lasers flying about in a given scene, and more people/clones/droids aren’t killed. I’m like ‘THAT’S what’s unrealistic to you!?!?'” says this Redditor

Mixed in with the fun, though, are some great takedowns of more problematic criticisms. “Calling Rey a Mary Sue while ignoring the fact that both Luke and Anakin are as well if you apply the same reasons she is to them as well,” points out one fan

“The people who went after Ahmed [Best] directly for his performance as Jar Jar,” says someone else – Best has been open about the personal toll of the backlash against Jar Jar Binks. He has made a triumphant return to the saga, though, appearing as Kelleran Beq in The Mandalorian season 3

Next up on the Star Wars release slate is Ahsoka, which arrives on Disney Plus this August 23. You can get ready with our guide on what to watch before Ahsoka and how to watch The Clone Wars in order


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