Stranger Things Eddie star drops clue about season 4 finale

Stranger Things 4, part 2 is due to release on July 1 on Netflix, after weeks of waiting for new episodes. The final two episodes are shrouded in secrecy – but one star did give an interesting tease when asked about them recently.

Eddie Munson actor Joseph Quinn revealed some tantalizing details about what he called the “astonishing” final episodes. “The thing is, they’ve got my family tied up somewhere and if I spoil anything, I’ll never see them again,” he joked to the Guardian (opens in new tab).

“No, I can say there’s a guitar scene and that the scale and ambition are astonishing. All the seeds that have been planted bear fruit and it’s just carnage. You know the finale is two-and-a-half hours, right? Ending with this monster, feature-length episode is so bold.”

A guitar scene? Carnage? It all sounds very intriguing as the teens of Hawkins work out how they’ll take out Vecna. Quinn did also tease what his character’s fate may be as he shared his hopes of coming back for season 5. He added: “I’ll be furious if they don’t bring me back. I’d love to, if they’ll have me.”

We’ve seen some glimpses of what might happen in the trailers for Stranger Things 4, part 2. In particular, these clips have revealed what Nancy’s fate may be after the cliffhanger, as well as if one character could be in danger from Vecna in the final episodes.

The finale will also be the longest episode of the series so far. Episode 8 is just one hour long but Episode 9 runs at a lengthy two hours and 30 minutes. Check out our guide to the Stranger Things 4 return date so you don’t miss a moment. 

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