Stranger Things season 4 release date announced – and its coming in two parts

Stranger Things season 4 finally has a release date. Well, it actually has two release dates – the new season of the Netflix show is coming in two parts, and they promise to be bumper in size.

In an open letter to fans, the series’ creators, The Duffer Brothers, revealed that, due to the sheer size of season 4, they wanted to release the new episodes in two batches in order to get them onto Netflix sooner. The first part will release on May 27, while the second will follow five weeks later on July 1.

“It’s coming soon,” the duo wrote. “And it’s bigger than ever.”

The Duffer Brothers also confirmed that the following season, the fifth, will be the show’s last, bringing the current storyline to a close. However, the letter also teased “many more exciting stories to tell within the world of Stranger Things,” which, if you ask us, sounds like an open invitation for someone to come along and make a spin-off show. For now, though, Stranger Things season 4 is hurtling towards screens, and season 5 will bring the story of Eleven and her friends to an end.

Stranger Things season 4 started filming back in early 2020 but was postponed multiple times due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The first trailer confirmed that Hooper is alive, though not particularly well – the police chief is seemingly in Russia.

While we wait for the new season of Stranger Things to arrive on Netflix, make sure you check out all the best Netflix shows available to stream right now. You’re going to want to have them watched before you nestle down with the bumper-sized new season of Stranger Things and then spend hours and hours reading theories online.

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