Super Hero Friend welcomes Superman legend Dan Jurgens for a variant cover

We’ve all imagined being a superhero, but what about being a superhero’s best friend? That idea is explored in the creator-owned series Super Best Friend, and for its second issue, the creators have enlisted bonafide superhero comics legend Dan Jurgens for a variant cover.

Super Best Friend #2 main cover

Super Best Friend #2 main cover (Image credit: George Kambadais)

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“Back in 1993, I was a small lad on the farmlands of Kansas, and reading Dan Jurgens’ work on the Death of Superman inspired me to create my own comics!” says Jason Inman, Super Best Friend’s writer/creator. “Seeing Dan pencil my original characters for Super Best Friend is a dream come true. Dan and I first met while recording an interview for Youtube, so like the Captain Terrific, superhero, to Mattie Moore sidekick, relationship, it feels like this cover is a moment of comic book kismet!”

Super Best Friend stars Mattie Moore, the best friend of this world’s greatest superhero, Captain Terrific. But being the best friend of the best superhero in the world can have some problems (Just ask Marvel’s Rick Jones), but in this series Mattie does his best to avoid problems – and if there are problems, fix them.

Super Best Friend #2 variant cover

Super Best Friend #2 variant cover (Image credit: Dan Jurgens)

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“Super Best Friend is my love letter to the Silver Age of comics and superheroes,” says Inman. “It may look like a simple story, but it’s actually a deep story about true friendship and how we should all climb the ladder to our true destiny.”

Super Best Friend is by Inman and artist George  Kambadais. The duo is using Kickstarter to raise $7,500 by March 3 to sell Super Best Friend #2, and also raise funds for the third (and final) issue. 

Super Best Friend #2 goes on sale in September.

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