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The best female superheroes

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness may focus on the titular Sorcerer Supreme, but it also spotlights several women in the Marvel Universe, all of whom have unique comic origin stories and one of who is among Newsarama’s selections of the best female superheroes of all time.  The movie …

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Best female supervillains in comic books

One thing that’s always in demand for great superheroes is great supervillains – and when it comes to supervillains, some of the best/worst (depending on your perspective) is the deadly female supervillains that have populated comics for decades. In comic books, female villains are some of the most popular characters …

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Catwoman artist Nico Leon takes us inside Selinas lair

Gotham and black vinyl – the two things incoming Catwoman artist Nico Leon tells us are the hardest things to draw for the upcoming book. But they do it with aplomb, as you can see from the preview pages of Leon and writer Tini Howard’s debut in January 18’s Catwoman …

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