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Ubisoft is reportedly up for sale

A new report claims private equity firms are eyeing up an acquisition of Ubisoft. As reported by Bloomberg (opens in new tab), talks are being held about the potential of several private equity firms acquiring Ubisoft. Talks are apparently early on, but include private equity firms like Blackstone Inc. and KKR & Co., and several …

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How to get the Far Cry 6 secret ending

A Far Cry 6 secret ending was a given considering the series legacy – every Far Cry game has one to find, a strange little premature finale you can find by taking the right actions early on. Sometimes they’re easy to work out, sometimes they’re more hidden, and the Far …

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Where to find Far Cry 6 Industrial Circuits

Far Cry 6 industrial circuits are a crafting resource essential to crafting the best weapon mods in the game. Top tier scopes, silencers and all rank 4 attachments need industrial circuits. But they’re not the easiest thing to find in Far Cry 6. Like gun powder with lower grade attachments …

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