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Marvel fans share love for the most underappreciated show

Marvel fans are sharing the love for Moon Knight, one of the most, if not the most, underappreciated MCU series. The show saw Oscar Isaac make his MCU debut as Marc Spector AKA Steven Grant AKA Moon Knight who gets thrown into the lore that surrounds Ancient Egypt and finds himself linked to a vengeful …

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Moon Knight writer addresses episode 4’s surprise twist

Moon Knight’s head writer has opened up about that wild twist in the Marvel show’s fourth episode. Spoilers for Moon Knight follow. If you haven’t watched episode 4, look away now. Around two-thirds of the way through this week’s Moon Knight, Marc Spector is shot by Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow …

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Moon Knight: Marvel fans are conflicted about Mr. Knight

Moon Knight has introduced a fresh persona for Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant – but not everyone is happy with the new character’s changes from the source material. In Moon Knight’s second episode, Steven “summoned the suit” and transformed into Mr. Knight, a suave detective character from Marvel’s comics who first …

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