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Nintendo issues Switch heat warning in the wake of heatwaves

Nintendo has issued a heat wave warning for Nintendo Switch users around the world. Just yesterday on July 11, Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account put out the statement below (thanks, Nintendo Life (opens in new tab)). The tweet warns customers about using the Nintendo Switch in an area with “high temperatures,” specifically pointing out that temperatures …

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Is the Nintendo Switch Lite worth it in 2022?

It’s the year 2022. There’s a new OLED Nintendo Switch console on the market, and the standard edition has just started taking its first ever price cuts. But is the humble, handheld-only Nintendo Switch Lite worth it still?  At $199.99, the budget offering certainly has a lot going for it. …

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Nintendo could be sued by children over Joy Con drift

A lawsuit against Nintendo could see children suing the games company. As first reported by Axios (opens in new tab), a rather peculiar situation has arisen around an ongoing lawsuit faced by Nintendo. The lawsuit is reportedly taking place over Joy Con drift, an issue that’s been plaguing the Nintendo …

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