Ted Lasso’s story will end “next year” says creator – but the show could still continue

The final whistle hasn’t gone on Ted Lasso just yet – but the plan has always been for the hit Apple series to wrap up its story after just three seasons.

With just one season to go on that initial pitch, series creator Bill Lawrence has opened up to The Hollywood Reporter (opens in new tab) about the show’s prospects of potentially sticking around.

“When we started, we plotted out everybody’s beginning, middle and end of a three-season arc. This story is going to be over next year, regardless, even if the show finds another story to tell and goes on,” Lawrence said.

That decision, it seems, rests squarely on the shoulders of series lead – and head writer – Jason Sudeikis.

“I’d love the show to keep going. But it’s going to only keep going as long as [Sudeikis] feels like it’s a cool thing for him, not only to do creatively and professionally, but personally,” Lawrence revealed.

For now, the Scrubs and Cougar Town creator is resisting the urge to think too far ahead. The third season will wrap up arcs that have been plotted out since the show’s inception. But nothing is off the table – including spinoffs.

“I don’t think anything is closed off, but out of just respect, we’re going to wait,” Lawrence said. “None of us are worried about Jason figuring out what he wants to do. And when he does, then we’ll start talking about all that stuff.”

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