Texas Chainsaw Massacre star reacts to “shocking” ending

Texas Chainsaw Massacre actor Sarah Yarkin has addressed the Netflix horror’s rug-pull of an ending, a moment she calls “the best part of the movie.”

Spoilers for Texas Chainsaw Massacre follow.

Leatherface in 2022's Texas Chainsaw Massacre

(Image credit: Netflix)

Harlow, Texas may have been home to several murders and a slaughterhouse’s worth of blood in the horror sequel’s brief runtime, but it saved the most surprising Leatherface kill for last.

Melody (Sarah Yarkin) and Lila (Elsie Fisher) are all set to take joint-Final Girl status as they head out of the Lone Star State in an auto-driving car. Leatherface is dead and they can finally relax. Or so they think. This is Texas Chainsaw Massacre after all. 

In one violent movement, Leatherface returns and yanks Melody through the car window, decapitating her with his iconic chainsaw as the car slowly drives away.

As final shots go, it’s certainly memorable – and Sarah Yarkin agrees.

“I think my death is the best part of the movie,” Yarkin told CinemaBlend (opens in new tab). “So of course, I was disappointed when I read the script and learned my fate. But I think it’s a much better movie that I die, because it’s shocking. I mean, it happens in the last, like, 10 seconds in the movie.”

Yarkin also revealed that she got to see “a corpse version of her head” after being fitted for it during her time filming in Bulgaria. As you do.

Until you get that image out of your head, there’s plenty more where that came from. Here are the best horror movies you can watch right now, as well as our picks for best Netflix movies.

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