The Boys ‘press release’ details fallout from Herogasm and teases season 3 episode 7

An in-universe statement from Homelander and Vought has set up the home stretch of The Boys season 3 – and has confirmed Starlight is officially out of the Seven after her dramatic U-turn in last week’s Herogasm episode.

“The recent accusations made by Annie January, codename Starlight, on a recent social media livestream in no way reflect Vought International as a whole,” the statement begins. 

It also outlines the repercussions Starlight will face going forward – namely, that her employment with Vought has been “terminated” and she will now be met with “the full power of the American Legal System.” You can read the statement in full below.

A statement from Homelander and Vought regarding Starlight’s recent Instagram Live. 29, 2022

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The end of Herogasm saw various bodily fluids exchanged and, crucially, marked a major turning point for several characters in The Boys. Homelander just about managed to escape the grasp of Soldier Boy, Butcher, and Hughie, while A-Train killed Blue Hawk – and left his own fate up in the air as he seemingly suffered another cardiac episode.

It’s Starlight, though, who caused the biggest paradigm shift. She denounced her employers, Homelander, and Soldier Boy before walking away from Vought and revealing her true identity. This came after weeks of masquerading as Homelander’s partner – all while trying to put together a team to take him down.

The Boys season 3 ends next week – but wait, there’s more! A fourth season has been greenlit by Amazon while a spin-off is also currently in the works. If you want to know when the latest episode drops, be sure to check out The Boys season 3 release schedule.

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