The cutest roguelike of the summer is about a magic skateboarding frog and its only $2

Frogs are one of those animals that others might get squeamish about, but I think are rather cute. Especially as they get smaller and pudgier. Give one a skateboard and a magic staff and okay, you’ve seriously got my attention now.

Froggy’s Battle is an action roguelike in which you play as Froggy, a “steezy magician skater frog” as she defeats waves of enemies that try to take over her favourite skate loop. She’s here to slay her rivals and pull some sick tricks while she does so, and I am here for it.

As you progress through levels, Froggy can learn new skills and gain new equipment, giving you an arsenal of skateboarding tricks, magic spells, and weapons to dish out damage with. She’s such a cute little smiley frog. She’s having a great time throwing bowling balls at frog bosses ten times her size.

🐸🛹 New Trailer 🔥🗡️🛹 Defend your skate loop🔥 Choose cool upgrades🗡️ Defeat waves of cute enemiesFroggy’s Battle is releasing on Steam Next Month!Retweet if you like frogs, wishlist if you love them 🐸#indiedev #indiegame #steam 16, 2023

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Whilst yes, Froggy is a skateboarding, magical girl boss and I love her for it, I have to shout out the hats you can equip. I’m obsessed with the jester hat. I can’t stop thinking about this sweet, round girl ready to clown on her rivals by shooting fireballs and lightning strikes everywhere.

And the best part? Froggy’s Battle is only £1.69. That’s only two dollars! I’d say that’s a more than fair price for the cutest roguelike this summer, which also looks like it’s packed in a variety of gameplay styles.

Froggy’s Battle is out now on Steam and Itch.

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