The Last of Us 2 meets Sackboy: A Big Adventure in new skin crossover

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is getting The Last of Us 2 skins in the form of main protagonists Ellie and Abby. 

The two new skins will be available on the PlayStation store from September 26 and, if the game’s previous crossover skins are anything to go off, we expect the pair will be available for free as well.

Despite Sack-Abby and Sack-Ellie being made out of fabric and filled with stuffing, the two characters both look identical to how they appear in the game. With Abby sporting her signature plait, and Ellie’s thousand-yard stare. 

When the going gets tough, Sackboy gets going… right into the heart of danger!Prepare for adventures into the unknown with Ellie and Abby costumes for Sackboy: A Big Adventure, available on 26th September. 21, 2021

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This isn’t the first time a PlayStation character has made its way into the Little Big Planet spin off game as Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart characters Ratchet, Clank, and Rivet have all been thrown into Sackboy’s handmade world, as well as Selene from the PS5 exclusive roguelike Returnal. Not forgetting the three pre-order bonus skins: Jin from Ghost of Tsushima, Deacon St. John from Days Gone, and Sam from Death Stranding

Speaking of Sackboy, the game’s developer Sumo Digital recently started hiring people to work on its next AAA game. There’s been no official word on what this game is, however the studio is looking for the right candidate to “help develop and grow the universe of an existing AAA IP. ” Which to us hopeful Sackboy fans sounds like it could possibly be some kind of follow up game or sequel. 

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