The Matrix 4 actor teases different tone to the original and the answer to Morpheus’ recasting

Morpheus actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II has teased more of The Matrix: Resurrections in a new interview, suggesting it’ll have a different tone to the original trilogy. He also added that we need to be patient about the Morpheus recasting situation: answers are coming.

“Tonally, it’s a bit different,” Abdul-Mateen told GQ (opens in new tab) after the slightly more playful, funnier style we witnessed in the first Resurrections trailer was brought up in conversation.

Something else that’s wildly diverting from the originals is that of Morpheus. Once played by Laurence Fishburne, the character – or a version of his character – will appear in The Matrix: Resurrections played by Abdul-Mateen.

“The character’s called Morpheus,” Abdul-Mateen clarified, in case there was ever any doubt. “It will make sense when it comes out.”

Fishburne isn’t the only original character who isn’t making a comeback. Hugo Weaving confirmed there were talks to bring back Agent Smith – but it couldn’t work with his schedule.

That’s not to say the link to the past is definitively broken in The Matrix: Resurrections. Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) are back, while fans think they’ve spotted an aged-up character from The Matrix’s sequels in the first trailer for Resurrections.

We’ll find out about That Whole Morpheus Thing for sure when The Matrix: Resurrections, also starring Jessica Henwick, Neil Patrick Harris, and Jonathan Groff, hits cinemas and HBO Max simultaneously on December 22.

Take the red pill and follow us down the rabbit hole: here’s the complete Matrix recap to get you ready for Resurrections. For more from December’s stacked schedule, check out our guide to movie release dates.

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