The Matrix Resurrections has a meta Keanu Reeves Easter egg involving noodles

The Matrix Resurrections gets very, very meta – but, as it turns out, one blink-and-you-miss-it Keanu Reeves Easter egg might be the most self-referential moment of the whole movie.

Cast your mind back to The Matrix, and you may remember that, at one point, Reeves’ Neo spots a noodle restaurant he used to visit, and comments: “Really good noodles.” Fast forward to The Matrix Resurrections, and Neo is once again eating noodles at a restaurant – but a small background detail takes the scene from minor callback to meta mind-twister.

As spotted on Reddit (opens in new tab), in one moment in the new film, Neo can be seen in a restaurant chowing down on some noodles, sitting beneath a picture of a younger Reeves posing with someone. That’s meta enough, but it gets even deeper. 

The woman in the picture, Kathy Fang, has revealed more details about the photo on her blog (opens in new tab). The image is displayed in her family’s restaurant, House of Nanking, which is the same restaurant seen in The Matrix 4. It was even taken at that very same location.

“This photo still sits on our wall in House of Nanking. If you go to there to eat, you will find this photo hanging on the wall by the window seats,” Fang wrote. “The film crew was so nice they surprised me with a new and better one. They made a clearer version for me to hang on the wall so it could stay there for many more years to come.”

She added: “If you’re wondering why we got selected [for The Matrix Resurrections], well this photo provides a hint. Keanu along with the directors, creators of The Matrix, and the crew have all been long time fans of House of Nanking. They are some of our O.G. customers.” All we can say to that is… whoa. 

If you’re in the mood for more Matrix, check out our roundup of the best Matrix scenes ever. 

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