The Persistence PS5 upgrade opens to all PS Plus players

The Persistence now has a free PS5 upgrade available for those who downloaded the game through the PS Plus subscription service.

The free new upgrade for PS Plus players playing The Persistence was only just picked up on via the PS5 subreddit earlier today on November 5. Right now, anyone who previously took advantage of the horror-shooter being free through PS Plus can download The Persistence: Enhanced, the new-gen upgrade of the game for PS5 consoles.

While The Persistence first launched back in July 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, The Persistence: Enhanced wouldn’t launch for three years later until July 2021. The upgraded version of the horror rogue-like was released for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, and was made available as a free upgrade to anyone who already owned the base game on those platforms.

This is actually in contrast to how Square Enix introduced the new-gen upgrade for Final Fantasy 7 Remake earlier this year. When Square Enix’s RPG remake was added to the PS Plus subscription service, it was made clear that anyone who redeemed the game through the service would be ineligible for the free PS5 upgrade for the game, which was launching a little later in the year, offering better frame rates and visuals.

As such, anyone who obtained Final Fantasy 7 Remake through PS Plus would be given the PS4 version, and would have to purchase the entire game outright if they wanted the PS5 upgrade. Bearing this in mind, it’s nice to see developer Firesprite giving all PS Plus players the Enhanced version of the game for free.

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