The Sims 4 Blooming Room kit lets players fill their Sims homes with plants

The Sims 4 latest expansion kit Blooming Room encourages players to bring more greenery into their Sims homes. 

Part of The Sims 4 Season of Selves – which previously introduced 1,000 new swatches as well as the Incheon Arrivals and Fashion Street kits to the game – the Blooming Room kit features a variety of new plant life for players to decorate their Sims homes with including the likes of potted plants, hanging baskets, vines, and other plant raising equipment. 

The new kit will launch on November 9, 2021, on PC and Mac (via Origin and Steam) as well as on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One. Just like previous kits, this one will cost just $4.99/£4.99.

Plant lovers! 🌿 Get ready to up your Sim’s plant game with The Sims 4 #BloomingRoomsKit ✨Bring your plant obsession into your Sims’ world 🌎 Available November 9th 💚 2, 2021

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Also recently announced for the game was a free update known as The Sims 4 Scenarios. These goal-based stories within the base game require players to test their skills as they attempt to complete a range of tasks using either a new save file or an existing one. The first two Scenarios Finding Love After a Breakup and Making Money are available now, with the latter challenging players to make one million Simoleons from nothing, in any way they want to.

From today until November 6, there is also a limited time Scenario called Too Many Toddlers which sets players the task of maintaining the happiness and safety of three toddler Sims all at once. The Sims 4 developer Maxis also revealed that it will continue releasing new Scenarios over time with the next one being called Perfectly Well Rounded. 

Need some assistance with those Scenarios? Take a look at our list of The Sims 4 cheats for a little help along the way. 

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