This cozy room decorating game is going to be the next Unpacking

This cozy room-organizing game is going to be the next Unpacking and A Little to the Left, which is great news since I’ve played both of those and need more. 

Earlier this week I spotted a new indie game on TikTok that looks exactly like the kind of thing I like to play. Memento is yet another item-sorting game just like Witch Beam’s Unpacking and Max Inferno’s A Little to the Left – in fact, the upcoming game was directly inspired by both of these popular titles. 

From the looks of Momento’s TikTok account, the game will play similarly to the titles that inspired it but also offer its own unique take on the budding room organization genre. For example, players will be able to organize homes however they like, they won’t be restricted by the puzzle element like in Unpacking and A Little to the Left. The choices they make will also affect the character’s story, so bear that in mind when you’re thinking about what order to stack those books in. 

Unfortunately, for those of us desperate to organize a virtual house instead of our own, it looks like Momento is only in early development right now. Its developer, Fat Alien Cat Games – made up of three parents Jasmine Phillips (art), Jess Lyon (story), and Julian Beiboer (design) – regularly share glimpses into the game on its TikTok account, however, it’s yet to get its own Steam page or Twitter account, so you’ll have to head over to its website to find out more for now.

According to the company’s first dev blog, the team is working towards getting a Steam page up and running so fellow cozy game fans can start wishlisting it soon. The team also reveals that it is attempting to secure funding for the project since all three members of Fat Alien Cat Games are only able to work on it part-time. Momento certainly looks like it has the same relaxing vibes as the other games we’ve mentioned here, so I can’t wait to see even more of it as time goes on. 

Take a look at our upcoming indie games list to find out what other hidden gems are on the horizon. 


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