DC announces new Tim Drake: Robin ongoing

Following Batman Urban Legends and DC Pride: Tim Drake Special #1, DC has announced that Tim Drake will get his own ongoing series this fall, with Tim Drake: Robin. Written by Meghan Fitzmartin, who will continue the story she began in Batman Urban Legends last year, and illustrated by Harley Quinn artist Riley Rossmo, the series will follow Tim as he attempts to solve a mystery over a year in the making.

Tim Drake: Robin will introduce a new villain who’s been watching the character from afar – but now intends to get much more up close and personal. Unfortunately, Tim isn’t the only one in danger from this new threat: his new boyfriend, Bernard, and everyone he cares about will be affected, as well. 

Meanwhile, Tim has carved his own corner of Gotham City and set up shop in what the publisher describes as a “murder-shack-boat…” Sounds… cozy?

To celebrate the launch of this new series, Tim Drake: Robin #1 will feature four variant covers showcasing his iconic looks throughout the years, including a One Year Later Era variant by Jorge Jimenez, a 1:25 Debut Era variant by Sweeney Boo, a 1:50 Young Justice Era variant by Dan Mora, and a 1:100 Teen Titans era variant by Jamal Campbell. Ricardo López Ortiz created the main cover art.

Check out the covers for Tim Drake: Robin #1 below.

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Tim Drake: Robin #1 1:25 variant by Sweeney Boo (Image credit: DC)

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Tim Drake: Robin #1 1:25 variant by Dan Mora (Image credit: DC)

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Tim Drake: Robin #1 1:100 variant by Jamal Campbell (Image credit: DC)

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Tim Drake: Robin #1 Harley Quinn 30th anniversary variant (Image credit: DC)

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Tim Drake: Robin #1 Open to Order variant by Jorge Jimenez (Image credit: DC)

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Tim Drake: Robin #1 main cover art by Ricardo López Ortiz (Image credit: DC)

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As previously mentioned, Tim Drake: Robin will continue the story started by writer Meghan Fitzmartin in Batman Urban Legends. The mystery in the new ongoing is introduced in DC Pride: Tim Drake Special #1, on sale now, and Tim Drake: Robin #1 hits shelves September 27.

Tim Drake is one of the most iconic LGBTQIA+ superheroes in comic books.

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