Ultraman returns in The Mystery of Ultraseven this August

The Ultra saga isn’t quite done yet, as Ultraman returns to Marvel Comics in August with a brand new series: The Mystery of Ultraseven. Written by Kyle Higgins and Mat Groom, with art by Davide Tinto, David Lopez, and Gurihiru, the series will continue exploring the pop culture phenomenon Ultraman, starting with a double-sized debut issue.

In Ultraman: The Mystery of Ultraseven, giant Kaiju roam free and power is being consolidated through a sinister conspiracy. Where is Ultraman, and why hasn’t he stopped this from happening? No one knows! Then an enigmatic new Ultra appears after being hidden away for decades, and Shin Hayata will have to go to new lengths to win the fight.

Ultraman: The Mystery of Ultraseven #1

Ultraman: The Mystery of Ultraseven #1 cover art by E.J. Su (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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“Kyle and I’s reimagination of this universe started with a long-term masterplan  – which is why we featured Dan Moroboshi’s mysterious disappearance in the very first pages of The Rise of Ultraman,” says co-writer Mat Groom. “It’s so exciting to have reached the stage where we can now pull back the curtain on that mystery… and its world-shaking implications!”

Ultraman: The Mystery of Ultraseven is the third series in a collaboration between Marvel Comics and Tsuburaya Productions. In addition to the main story, the double-sized debut issue will feature Kaiju Steps by artist Gurihiru and an additional story that examines the history of Ultra Q.

Ultraman: The Mystery of Ultraseven #1 hits shelves August 17, with a main cover by E.J. Su.

In The Mystery of Ultraseven, Ultraman fights on another day at Marvel, but the Conan license seems to be moving on.

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