Valheim updates teased through celebratory one-year anniversary post

Valheim’s developer has shared screenshots of upcoming updates to celebrate its one-year anniversary.

Earlier today, developer Iron Gate took to the Steam forums (opens in new tab) of Valheim to write a celebratory blog post commemorating the game’s one-year anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s been one whole year since Valheim launched right in the middle of a global pandemic, and then went on to accrue millions of players around the world in a very short time.

To celebrate the occasion, Iron Gate gave players a sneak peek at screenshots for an upcoming Valheim Mistlands update update for Valheim. This is dubbed the “Mountain Update” for the action co-op game, and you can see one of a few screenshots just below, with a player descending deep underground to encounter what can only be horrors awaiting them.


(Image credit: Iron Gate)

Additionally, Iron Gate also announced that Valheim is currently in the works for the Steam Deck Verified program. The program is a list of games that run without any hinderance whatsoever on Valve’s new Steam Deck hardware, and Iron Gate is hard at work making sure Valheim runs smoothly on the handheld console by the time it launches later this month.

Finally, Iron Gate revealed that it’s been “ramping up” work on the Mistlands update for Valheim. Not just content with the Mountain Update on the horizon, Iron Gate is working on an additional expansion, and it’s managed to nail down the core concepts of the new biome, including its enemies, build pieces, mechanics, and more. Valheim appears to have a pretty busy future in sight.

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