Valheim ice caves will arrive before Mistlands, Iron Gate Studio says

The Valheim developers are teasing a new update to come before its next major  Valheim Mistlands update, and it looks like ice caves are in the forecast.

The latest message (opens in new tab) from the developers at Iron Gate Studio gives players a quick update on the status of the game now that it’s been a month since the Valheim Hearth and Home update went live. Iron Gate still plans for the next major update to the early access Viking survival game to be Mistlands, which will fill out the eponymous biome from its current, largely blank nature.

The slate of currently planned updates includes more focus “on adventure and exploration” rather than building, and the first teases for that came in the form of a new type of dungeon headed to the Mountains biome in a smaller update.

While Iron Gate isn’t ready to show what they look like in the game, concept art shows sprawling caverns of ice, rock, and snow under the surface of the mountains; they look quite a bit bigger than the crypts and troll caves we’ve grown accustomed to exploring.

Valheim ice cave art

(Image credit: Iron Gate Studio)

Some of these smaller updates will arrive before Mistlands, but Iron Gate still isn’t ready to put a specific timeline on when any of them will roll out. Thankfully, we’ve still got new recipes to try and some home improvement to do back at base.

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