How to summon Moder in Valheim and defeat him

Meet the Valheim Moder boss, the icy mountain dragon and fourth boss in Valheim. If you manage to find the Dragon Eggs, you can summon Moder and conquer her Biome, the Mountains. Don’t underestimate that first part; finding Moder’s summoning materials involves a lot of climbing and wolf-fighting. 

Here’s everything you need to know before starting the egg-hunt and the Moder boss fight, including combat tips and (for those who want to claim that Boss Trophy as soon as possible) a world seed with both the Dragon Egg locations and Moder’s location.

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Moder’s location in Valheim

Valheim moder

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Like the previous Valheim bosses, Moder’s exact location within the Mountain biome is discovered by activating a Vegvisir, a location Runestone. Keep an eye out for old stone towers while exploring the Mountains. This is where they usually appear.

Although every new biome is challenging, Moder’s biome is arguably the most inhospitable. Not only will the Frost kill every unprepared player, but it’s also hard to find a way up the high Mountains. Bring a pickaxe and plenty of Frost Resistance Mead with you.

How to make Frost Resistance Mead in Valheim

Valheim moder

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If you already made Wolf Armor to protect you against the cold of the Mountain biome, then you don’t need Frost Resistance Mead. Everyone else should bring several of these potions while searching for Dragon Eggs and Moder. 

You can make a base for Frost Resistance Mead by cooking honey, thistle, bloodbags, and Greydwarf eyes in the Cauldron. Once that is done, put the mixture in the Fermenter to create the mead. You will get a stack of 6 Frost Resistance Meads after two in-game days have passed.

How to find and transport Dragon Eggs in Valheim

Valheim moder

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To summon Moder, you need to place three Dragon Eggs at the sacrificial altar. The eggs are also found in the Mountains and easily recognizable by their purple color and faint glow. They are quite rare, but you can use the Valheim World Seed below if you have trouble finding them.

Unfortunately, Dragon Eggs are very heavy. You can’t even carry two at the same time. An easy trick around this is by collecting an egg, leaving for another (private) Valheim World, storing your egg and going back. After finding Moder’s sacrificial altar, just go to the World with the three eggs, grab them, go back to your normal World, and summon Moder. This will save you a lot of trouble.

Use this World Seed to find Moder Fast

Valheim moder

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If you don’t want to run around until you find the Vegvisir location Runestone for Moder, you can use this World Seed to generate the map in the picture and go straight to the battle: RtE9ytMifX. Moder’s location is not too difficult to reach from the east side of the mountains. If you need to find three Dragon Eggs first, go to the red dot locations to collect them. 

How to defeat Moder in Valheim

Valheim moder

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You may not be surprised that this dragon is able to fly. Moder will frequently make use of this ability during the fight, so bring a good ranged weapon with you when paying Moder a visit. Beware of her icy breath and the Frost explosives she shoots at you; if you get hit, your movement speed will decrease greatly, making you very vulnerable.

It’s best to have at least a health level of 150, upgraded Bronze or Iron armor, an upgraded Huntsman Bow, health regeneration potions, and a large supply of fire arrows before you summon Moder. 

Moder’s Forsaken Power in Valheim

Valheim moder

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Defeating Moder is very rewarding, as Moder’s Forsaken Power creates a Tailwind when sailing. In other words, activating Moder’s Forsaken Power means having the wind in your back at all times while exploring Valheim by boat. This will make your sailing adventures a lot smoother. 

Moder will also drop the Dragon Tear, which can be used to craft an Artisan Table. The Artisan Table will allow you to craft a Windmill, Spinning Wheel, and Blast Furnace.

You’re fully prepared to summon Moder now, let’s climb those Mountains and see if she’s home!

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