Valorants next agent is being compared to Apex Legends Gibraltar following moveset leak

The ability set of Valorant’s next agent might have just leaked online, prompting more than a few comparisons from fans to Apex Legends’ best boy Gibraltar. 

While the shot of a gameplay screen (opens in new tab) doesn’t reveal much about what one of Valorant’s future agents will look like, it does show a set of abilities. One of them, called ‘Bubble’, reads: “Equip bubble and enter into a phased state to place down a bubble by pressing the ability key. Activate to create an impenetrable bubble. Bullets cannot pass through.”

While we’ve seen bubbles in numerous games like Halo and Destiny, throwing some cover for your brothers has players (opens in new tab) thinking (opens in new tab)of (opens in new tab)Gibby (opens in new tab). The defensive legend can also place a bubble to shield his team from fire, which makes up a large part of his playstyle.

For context: A lot of this stuff will change. The Image that what was leaked was by probably QA.The agent model is still not in which I find weird as by this time in development Fade already had her model in. Fade also went through some changes before release. Expect change. 25, 2022

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Elsewhere, the leaked ability set features a move that slows players, the ability to distort the enemy with a wall, and a golem doll that heals allies and decays foes. While powers are subject to change as we get closer to release, it looks like Riot is tinkering with a controller-style agent. Only time will tell how they play, but throwing down the bubble shield and golem doll on a spike sounds pretty darn good. 

The recent leak follows a few others among some in-game teases. Valorant dataminer ValorLeaks recently reported (opens in new tab) that an agent is being put together under the codename Mage, while an in-game email referring to an antique expert called Varun Batra was added in patch 5.03. 

How all this comes together remains to be seen – if it does at all, of course – though it looks like Valorant’s next agent is taking shape. 

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