Watch these Carbys burning up the track in Assetto Corsa

What’s better than watching a group of sports cars whizzing around a track? Watching a band of Carbys doing the same thing. 

In a cheeky clip shared via the No Context Kirby Twitter (opens in new tab), a whole line of Carbys rolls by, a whiz of pink. And by the by, “Carbys” is the name we’ve all seemingly applied to the Mouthful Mode Kirby uses to control cars in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Basically, Kirby stretches himself all the way across the top of a car, engulfing it. And that lets him drive it somehow. 

Modder garyjpaterson created this free Carby-centric mod for the racer Assetto Corsa, and you can download it to try out yourself via Race Department (opens in new tab). 4, 2022

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“I had fun making it, trying some new stuff I’d never done before,” the modder wrote of their experimental Carby rides. “Didn’t have much time to spend on the physics, so I’ve purposely left the setup quite open, so if it’s not to your liking hopefully it can be tweaked to be a bit better.”

As the commenters point out, when driving a Carby, you can still see out of the windshield. It’s probably a lot like having a soft-top convertible, only a living, breathing creature is sitting atop your car, stretched to the limit. 

Assetto Corsa is a racing sim that players love to mod, and this is just the latest in a long line of fun alterations you can add to your game. It’s easy to look at and mistake for the realistic Gran Turismo 7, but unfortunately, you can’t add the pink puffball to Gran Turismo…yet. 

Right now, just keep watching these Carbys zip by. It’s actually quite soothing, once you get over the whole element of weirdness. 

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