The best WD BLACK SN850 prices and deals

The best WD BLACK SN850 prices and deals are going to be in hot demand right now and for the rest of the year – and arguably for the rest of the PS5’s lifespan. Western Digital’s most premium internal SSD is a prime candidate to become one of the best PS5 SSD options for those looking to expand their console’s storage this year.

Coming with its own heatsink – a must-have feature of any PS5 SSD – the SN850 is the complete package for those looking to get the best storage solution for their PS5. And even before the firmware update was rolled out to all of us, WD broke cover to say that the SN850 would be a great, compatible fit as it immediately fitted all the parameters that Sony’s stated spec list laid out. Since then, the PS5 SSD market has been a place of hot activity, even to the point of stock shortages and irregularities.

But anyway, let’s cut to the chase: below you’ll find the latest WD BLACK SN850 prices and deals (with heatsink) – which will automatically update every 30 minutes – as well direct-to-retailer links.

The latest WD BLACK SN850 Heatsink deals and prices

Where to buy WD BLACK SN850 SSDs: retailer list

If you needed some more convincing of the SN850’s credentials, a big indicator of its quality is the fact that Mark Cerny himself, PS5 Lead Architect, shared on social media that this is the drive he has gone for. It feels like he knows what will work best and what might be the best option, so an SN850 deal looks even more attractive now.

Remember, up until now only a PS5 external hard drive was the only extra storage that we could have full confidence in, but now we need to get ready to see a wide range of options come in that are going to blow open the PS5 internal SSD options for PS5 owners going forward. 

And remember, there are several premium options right now too, with another great one being the Seagate FireCuda 530. If you’re looking for that you can find the latest Seagate FireCuda 530 prices and deals here.

And before you leave here are the latest and lowest prices for any kind of WD BLACK SN850 model.

The latest WD BLACK SN850 deals and prices

The SN850 is incredibly likely to be part of the upcoming Black Friday PS5 SSD deals, as well as the wider Black Friday SSD deals for those on PC too.

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