Which gaming mouse does Ninja use?

Ninja is one of, if not the, biggest streaming stars on the internet right now, with a professional career that’s taken him to the heights of Esports stardom. However, if you’re looking to find Ninja’s gaming mouse on the shelves any time soon, you might be disappointed. 

Ninja uses the FinalMouse Air58, a limited edition collaborative release with FinalMouse itself. From the honeycomb design to the drag-free Phantom cord, though, it’s easy to see that this pointer prides itself on its featherlight form factor. 

That’s the biggest draw to Ninja’s gaming mouse. The FinalMouse Air58 weighs in at just 58g without the cable included. That’s incredibly lightweight – far lighter than many of the best gaming mouse options on the market right now – thanks to a structure that uses very little plastic in the actual body of the mouse. 

FinalMouse Air 58 Ninja's gaming mouse

(Image credit: Future)

Unfortunately, the FinalMouse Air58 is particularly difficult to get your hands on. It’s often released in batches from the FinalMouse website, but can also be found on eBay (opens in new tab) for inflated prices if you’re desperate for the real deal. If not, there are a few other models on FinalMouse’s virtual shelves that come close to the featherlight speed of Ninja’s gaming mouse.

The Ultralight Pro is the cheapest available at $69.99, whereas the Ultralight Sunset offers a grippier coating made with hybrid rubber materials and ships in limited quantities for $89.99. That said, you’ll still be waiting for official drops from the main site to get your hands on these models as well.

Ninja’s gaming mouse specs

Released in 2018, the FinalMouse Air58 champions its lightweight build over all its other specs. There isn’t anything particularly fancy about the features under the hood, you’re paying for that super light experience and Ninja design. 

Available in Cherry Blossom Red or Cherry Blossom Blue, each mouse features detailed Haiku scroll wheels with an ergonomic right-handed design and six buttons. An optical sensor provides up to 3,200 CPI, and the Omron switches and 1,000Hz polling rate are fairly standard offerings. This isn’t a wireless gaming mouse, but the cord attached is engineered to be incredibly lightweight as well, reducing drag and resistance. 

Alternatives to Ninja’s gaming mouse

If you’re after a similar lightweight experience to that of which Ninja’s gaming mouse provides, it’s worth checking out a few alternatives. The resale market on this pointer is pretty competitive, with prices soaring well above the $200 mark in some instances. You might be adding just a little weight with some cheaper (and far easier to find) options, but equally there are even cheaper mice out there. 

Cooler Master MM710

Cooler Master MM710 gaming mouse

(Image credit: Cooler Master)

Take the Cooler Master MM710, for instance. It weighs in at just 52g and features a similar honeycomb design to get it there. You’re still getting that 1000Hz polling rate, upping to 32,000 CPI, keeping similar PTFE feet, and six buttons in all. The tall hump at the back of this mouse also means it’s better suited to those who play with a claw grip.

Xtrfy M42

Xtrfy M42 gaming mouse

(Image credit: Xtrfy)

While ever so slightly heavier than Ninja’s gaming mouse, the Xtrfy M42 certainly gives it a run for its money. Again, you’re keeping the honeycomb design and moving up to just 59g total weight. The PMW 3389 optical sensor is still very much celebrated, and you’ll find a 16,000 CPI, 1,000Hz polling rate, and seven buttons to play with. There’s no dedicated hardware, but at its core it’s a fantastic alternative. 

Razer Viper Mini

Razer Viper Mini gaming mouse

(Image credit: Razer)

If the honeycomb structure doesn’t appeal, then the Razer Viper Mini (opens in new tab) is your next best option. It weighs just 61g and still has a full plastic body. You’re getting more customization options than the Xtrfy, but dropping down to a max 8,500 CPI. Still you’re keeping the six mappable buttons and 1,000Hz polling rate, along with PTFE feet. This is one of the best Razer mouse options out there, especially of those that sit in this ultralight category.

We’re also rounding up all the best left-handed gaming mouse models up for grabs right now. Or, if you’re upgrading your whole setup, take a look at the best gaming keyboards on the market, or the latest cheap gaming keyboard deals.

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