Will there be PS5 deals on Black Friday?

This year’s Black Friday PS5 deals are nearly upon us, but will there be any discounts worth shouting about in 2021? If you’ve already got a console, then there certainly will be. However, those holding out for the kinds of bundles and price cuts that we might have seen on the previous generation a couple of years ago shouldn’t get too excited. 

PS5 stock is still exceedingly difficult to come by. That means it’s is incredibly unlikely that we’ll see any bundle deals offering a saving on additional games or accessories in this year’s offers. We could well see bundles on the shelves as part of the wave of restocks that is expected to hit, but everything will likely still be in line with MSRPs. 

Instead, many of the PS5 deals this Black Friday are going to be centered around the race to grab a restock as well as games and accessories. However, if you’re looking to upgrade your existing setup, or pad out your library with some must-have titles, then you are in a very different position as we’re already seeing some excellent sales live right now.

Today’s best Black Friday PS5 deals

Will there be discounts on the PS5 itself?

As mentioned above, any discounts or bundles on the PS5 console itself are extremely unlikely this year. The console is still too challenging to get a hold of, and far too popular to offer up its own price cuts, especially considering the fact that supply issues are set to run us through to next year. If a retailer decides to make a particularly heavy splash with a discount – and we can’t stress enough how unlikely that will be – you can bet those consoles will be snapped up before you’ve had a chance to load the webpage. 

Instead, those in need of a console will be on the hunt for restocks. You’ll find all the best places to check first just below.

Will there be Black Friday deals on PS5 accessories?

We’re expecting some record low prices on accessories launched alongside the PS5 console last year. That means some of the best PS5 headsets will likely see some significant discounts over the next week. These cups have been on the shelves for a year now, and have competition in newer releases building on their original offerings with lower price tags. That’s a perfect storm for some blockbuster discounts on headsets like the SteelSeries Arctis P, so we’d recommend keeping a close eye out for Black Friday PS5 headset deals.

Excitement is also abuzz when it comes to official PS5 accessories. The DualSense controller has only seen a handful of discounts since hitting the market, and none in the last few months. Whereas the Pulse 3D headset has resisted any savings in its time on the shelves. However, both of these high profile peripherals will be seeing their first birthdays this November, which means we could see some of their first major price drops next week. 

These will likely be particularly speedy deals, though, and will probably be reserved for flash sales on the big day. That means you’ll have to be quick off the mark, as any price cuts will likely be snapped up quickly. 

Will there be PS5 game deals this Black Friday?

The first year of PS5 games had yielded a leaner, but certainly high-quality, roster of titles. From the early days of Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, through to recent blockbusters such as Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy and Far Cry 6, we’re expecting to see a massive range of discounts hitting all kinds of software this year. 

Those earlier launch titles may well see the brunt of this year’s Black Friday PS5 game deals. With a year under their belts, and rare discounts during that time, it’s high time there were some reductions on those $69.99 titles. 

However, if you’ve already played through the early days of PS5, newer releases are set to offer up some strong savings as well. We’ve already seen Amazon offering up buy two get one free sales on recent releases, including the likes of Rider’s Republic and the aforementioned Guardians of the Galaxy. That means there’s plenty of wiggle room for further savings on the big day, which bodes well for anyone stocking up their library before the holidays. 

You’ll find all the latest prices on some of the biggest recent releases just below.

Will there be discounts on PS5 SSDs this Black Friday?

Black Friday PS5 SSD deals are going to be huge this year. Ever since the console opened up its internal storage bay for tinkerers in September, we’ve seen brands like Samsung, WD Black, and Crucial offering tailor-made sticks at lower and lower prices. This will likely come to a head on Black Friday, and we’re expecting some record low prices on the best models, such as the WD Black SN850 and Samsung 980 Pro, hitting retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg. 

We’re also rounding up all of next week’s Black Friday PS5 TV deals and Black Friday PS5 monitor deals as well. Or, for more discounts, take a look at the Black Friday gaming headset deals we’re expecting to see.

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