Wonder Woman vs. Justice League coming in 2022

To save Earth, Wonder Woman will need to beat the entire Justice League. That’s the epic challenge she will be up against in February 2022’s Wonder Woman: Evolution #4 by writer Stephanie Phillips and artist Mike Hawthorne.

Wonder Woman: Evolution #4 variant cover

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Diana is put into this unenviable spot by a group of as-yet-unnamed godlike cosmic accusers who whisked her away from Earth in Wonder Woman: Evolution #1 (opens in new tab). In what DC calls the character’s “most cosmic storyline” ever, Wonder Woman will represent Earth in a trial by these mysterious beings to decide the fate of humanity. 

Why? As Newsarama understands it, it’s for all the killing, cruelty, and inhumane behavior humanity has done to one another and the Earth itself.

Wonder Woman versus the Justice League is one of several challenges these mystery judges are setting up for Diana win the ‘case’ – and to avoid humanity being wiped out.

So…. could Wonder Woman beat the entire Justice League if she had to? 

She’s fought them several times, but this Wonder Woman: Evolution story brings to mind one particular one – 2001’s JLA: A League of One (opens in new tab) by Christopher Moeller. In this original graphic novel, Wonder Woman learns of a prophecy where the Justice League will be called to kill a dragon – but will all be killed in the battle. 

In an almost James T. Kirk-like workaround, Wonder Woman decides to subvert the prophecy by individually beating each Justice League member one-on-one so they’re unable to answer the call for the fatal fight with the dragon. She does so, and ends up fighting the dragon on her own as the last Justice League member standing.

Wonder Woman: Evolution #4 variant cover

(Image credit: Simone Di Meo (DC))

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There’s one catch, though; the prophecy was true, and the Justice League does die in the process of beating the dragon. Even if Wonder Woman is the only Justice League member in the fight, she’s the one who dies.

(But, Superman manages to resuscitate her, bringing her back to life).

So what could this mean for Wonder Woman: Evolution? 

Well, there are four more issues of Wonder Woman: Evolution planned after this showdown with the Justice League so you’d think she somehow makes it past this challenge – but it may take another one of those tricks up her sleeve like in JLA: A League of One.

Wonder Woman: Evolution #4 (of 8) goes on sale on February 15.

Make sure you’ve read all the best Wonder Woman stories of all time (Yes, JLA: A League of One is on the list). 

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